Nature Conservation Requirements and Ecological Studies

With regards to: Sable antelope,

                             Roan antelope,

                             Colour variations.

Legislation vs Ecology

Legislation vs Ecology

Legislation with regards to game introduction

– National Environmental Management Act (NEMA)

– Limpopo Environmental Management Act (LEMA)

– Mpumalanga Nature Conservation Act

– S.A National Standards

– Policy on Wildlife Facilities (All provinces)

(based & subject to National & Provincial legislation)

Legal process of applications for introduciton

1. Free-roaming (‘TOPS’ listed species)

– Introduction of game in ‘natural’ areas larger than minimum size as stipulated by particular province (400 Ha);

– Introduction of species in areas they had historically occurred (according to current distribution maps – Environmental Affairs;

– Introduction absolutely based on an ecological evaluation (habitat study) to determine if area is suited for particular species (grass species composition/ current grazing capacity vs. current game pressure).

2.Projects (intensive breeding):

– Intensive breeding of a particular species;

– Motivation of proposed project (species);

– Origin of animals;

– Plan for surplus animals;

– Infrastructure (minimum requirements?);

– Management plan (supplementary feeding/ parasite management/ etc)

Parametres for free-roaming introduction 

(Nature conservation Authorities) 

# Natural, historical distribution:

– The Mammals of the Southern African Sub-region (Skinner & Chimimba)

– Wildlife (Deon Furstenburg)

– Species Distribution Maps (Env.Affairs, 2012) (Not complete yet, though very good indication)

– National Legislation may change to allow species in areas outside boundaries according to ecological studies proving suitable habitat & limited risk on environment (?).


# Ecological Habitat-assessment:

– Grass-species composition;

– Natural vegetation;

– Current carrying capacity of area;

– Current game pressure on area;

– Water availability.

– Carrying capacity vs. game pressure?

# Size of areas:

– Most provinces 400 Ha minimum (Policy – based on work done by scientists in old Nature Conservation);

– Because of selective feeding habits of Roan & Sable areas should be large enough;

– Competitive nature of Roans & Sable for food and space;

– Enough ‘natural’ habitat (savanna – open areas with thickets)

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