Horses in Wildlife Management

Why using horses on your game farm makes more sense

As the Wildlife Industry keeps expanding, there is a growing need for game farmers to get closer to their game with the least possible disturbance. While wild animals are particularly sensitive to noises and smells in their environment, getting closer to them is now more important than ever. With the phenomenal increase in game sales over the past few years, capture and transport has become an integral part of any game farmer’s success. This often requires darting from a helicopter or other noisy platform such as a field vehicle or bike. Whether viewing, treating or hunting animals or tracking poachers; doing it more quietly will definitely give you the upper hand.

Until now, getting in a field vehicle or helicopter was the most commonly used method of getting the job done. But recently, Jameer Trading started training horses and riders for just this purpose with enormous success. With more than 20 years experience as horse breeders and trainers, we recently started training horses and riders for the unique needs of game farmers across the country. Our successes, especially with Rhino and other large animals, speak for themselves. With our extensive experience and vast network of breeders, we are able to identify and select only the best horses for the training process. Combined with our intensive rider training and ongoing support to game farmers, we offer a unique service which we believe will make a lasting impact on the industry. Here are some reasons why using horses on your game ranch makes more sense:


Horses allow you to get much closer to game without them sensing your presence. They are much more familiar with the sounds and smells of another animal than that of a field vehicle or helicopter and – with our specially trained horses – you can often get to within a few metres of your animals without disturbing them.

Inspection and Treatment

In many cases, we need to inspect game for minor injuries or wounds from a close distance in order to determine whether invasive or other treatment is necessary. Such an inspection may often require darting, which is expensive and time consuming and may cause unnecessary disturbance to the animal. Our specially trained horses solve this problem by allowing you to roam with your game and make the necessary assessments in their own, natural environment.


Poaching is a huge problem on larger farms and farms in certain areas and we believe that this problem will only worsen due to the increasing demand for game and game related products. When you’re in a field vehicle, poachers hear you coming from a mile away – providing them ample time to make a successful escape. Their escape route is usually through difficult terrain where most vehicles have trouble keeping up. The only way is then to track them further on foot. Our specially trained horses solve also this problem by allowing you to approach quietly and track through difficult terrain. This dramatically increases the successful capture of poachers and also serves as very effective deterrent for future poachers.

Other Benefits

We can use our unique and specialised horse-and rider training programs for almost any specific purpose you may require on your game farm. The possibilities and benefits are endless and being able to move with ease and speed over difficult terrain without intimidating the wildlife is by far the biggest advantage to any farmer.

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