Demographic Capture dosages Tranquillisation dosages
Adult Bulls 3-4mg of M9950 mg of Azaperone

18-20 mg of Haloperidol + 100 mg of Trilafon

Adult cows 3 mg of M9950 mg of Azaperone

15 mg of Haloperidol +100 mg of Trilafon



Body weight:    100–180 kg.

Social behaviour:  The breeding herd size varies from 8–15 animals and includes territorial bulls and bachelor groups.

Habitat:    Open grassland in arid areas.

Mating season:  March–April.

Calving season: November–January.

General Remarks Relating to Capture

Black wildebeest are considerably smaller than the blue wildebeest, despite appearances.

They usually occupy flat, treeless plains with small scrub, making it difficult to hide a boma.

These animals generally occupy open areas from which they are reluctant to move. Under pressure, however, they will eventually vacate the area for another open spot and can be caught on the way.

Black wildebeest are best caught using a net boma or by darting from the air.Bomas may be sited along paths they often frequent.

Heat permitting, capture should take place immediately once the boma has been completed. Strips of red and white road tape twisted to improve visibility may be used to assist guiding the herd in, where necessary.

The animals will take off immediately they are disturbed and may become difficult to maintain in a given direction.The animals are extremely aggressive, even in a net boma, but are relatively easy to handle, provided not too many are caught at any one time.

Once caught, they should be handled and loaded in the same way as other larger antelope caught in net bomas.They are blindfolded and tranquillised.