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Wildfires are a risk to life, property and the environment. South Africa is becoming more and more vulnerable to veldfires because of urbanisation and the development of rural areas.Without preventative measures, veldfires will continue to burn for as long as the weather is favourable and there is vegetation to burn. Anyone owning land has the first responsibility to manage fire risks and to control fires on his or her property. The National Veld and Forest Fire Act 101 of 1998 is applicable to all landowners and not only to forest owners.This document covers the most important aspects of fire management.

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The National Veld and Forest Fire Act 101 of 1998 (NVFFA) has changed the face and market for fire management in South Africa. The Act requires all land owners to conform to the NVFFA which requires land owners to have trained and equipped personnel to implement fire management practices on their owned or leased properties. Failure to comply in the event of a fire spreading from their properties and causing damage to a neighbouring property would result in the land owner being prosecuted. The vast majority of land owners within South Africa have limited capacity and experience in the implementation of fire breaks, fuel load reduction using prescribed fire and the suppression of wildfires. IFMS – Commercial Operations have developed capacity and products to assist land owners with developing their own potential as well as the supply of integrated fire management services to rural land owners within South Africa.

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