This PERHAPS could be the most important post you will ever read on the future of our hunting industry and if you are passionate about our industry, then you will read it, read it again, think it through thoroughly and hopefully understand that this is written not to criticise, but to help rebuild a fast crumbling industry.

Controversy surrounding hunting is growing rapidly and one often asks the question where is this going to stop and what is fuelling all this controversy?


The problems with hunting and the controversy we are facing in the hunting industry starts and ends with us…

We are quick to cry wolf and complain that the greenies are vindictive against us and threatening our lively hoods, and once again we try to “fix the blame instead of fixing the problem”.

Who started this?


Where did it start and how did it escalate so quickly?


With the start of facebook and social media the fight against hunting grew rapidly and continues to grow at an alarming rate AND ONLY WE ARE to blame – nobody else.

You see, we are well trained in hunting, skilful shots, trained in outfitting and bush-skills.

However, we are not trained:

• in business skills
• in marketing and global markets
• in the power of social media
• in global networking
• in responsible corporate governance
• AND NO TRAINING in the right use of language and debating or negotiation skills.

Hence, when it comes to all of the above, its simply shotgun marketing hoping to hit a bulls eye and getting a client. We continue to do the same old same old and then wonder why we are in “sh*t” now?

We leave our younger generations (PH’s) to post what they want, where they want and when they want. Even some of us as older generation are guilty of this too.

So when we post and brag with our friends on social media about the bloodiest of hunts, or how many animals we shot, we don’t realise the extent of reach of our posts and the damage they cause!!

These horrific pictures (and stories) often go viral and many times our people make themselves guilty of even placing comments with these pictures which are not well thought out, not conducive to an ethical hunting industry and most of the times lacks any diplomacy to say the very least.

A number of our hunting fraternity are also guilty of unethical hunting practices, however don’t have any fear to ignorantly post their achievements online and on social media.

(I am especially referring to those people who brag how many lions they shot in one week or even on one day?! And then we wonder why the “sh*t is hitting the fan”?)


However I am sorry to say this, our leadership in the Industry is also to blame for a very simple reason, a lack of vision and planning.

We have not planned and prepared our industry for the ONLINE world and just how powerful this will impact our very future and now it may be too late UNLESS WE ACT AS ONE AND DO IT NOW – RIGHT NOW!!

Over and above this, our hunting industry is a lucrative industry with Millions of Dollars and Euro’s flowing through the industry, however as a career choice, its perhaps the easiest career to qualify for?

• 10 x days PH course
• a little bit of practical experience
• money from Dad to buy your Cruizer
• a 375 H&H and a Jack Russel and there you go?

No education in:

• financial management,
• international marketing,
• corporate governance,
• the use of online social media or any relevant training which will guarantee a sustainable business or career future for all – nothing!!

So when our passionate kids head off into the bush, loaded with ammo and a fresh client on the back of the cruizer, we remain oblivious to the slumbering threat this holds to our industry at large?!

They mostly excel in their skills as competent bush kids and hunters (whom we are proud of), however when back in camp with access to WIFI and their trusty smart phones, the damage gets caused on a scale we even can’t start to comprehend.


And only we are to blame as we have absolutely no control of what’s going viral next.

• We have not been trained in social media and the power it has for and against us.

• We have not been trained in what is considered right and whats wrong, or let me say, not trained well enough.

• And we most definitely have not trained our kids and young PH’s the art of skilful and well thought out dialogue on social media platforms.

[quote_right]We need to act fast and stop this rampage against us and the FIRST WAY of doing this, is to stop ourselves from killing and self destructing our own industry.[/quote_right]So when they are attacked online by the anti-hunting extremists, the average answer or response provided by our sun burnt bush-devils are “AGG F**K OFF”.

So here the online climate worsens dramatically as now we aren’t even facing the facts about our industry, but suddenly our very culture comes into play and most of time TO THE DETRIMENT of our industry and Country at large, as we have not prepared our youngsters for this online warfare.

In fact we have not even ensured that they have a proper command of the English language, never mind the skills of writing, spelling and proper grammar use.


Because “those who fail to plan – plan to fail”.

Our industry has not prepared our youth and ourselves for that matter, to be prepared for the “power of social media and online marketing”.

We leave our youngsters FREE to explore, experiment and post what they want to, to who they want to and when they want to.

So when damage control has to be implemented, the damage has already been done and now we are facing a massive onslaught like never experienced before. We didn’t experience this in the old days, so where did it all go wrong?


We didn’t have these online tools in the old days and had to send letters by mail. Letters only our owners or fathers wrote to clients.

Now, every single person in our businesses has access to the world out there and even our trackers are on facebook.

To fuel the fire, our youngsters (just like their fathers) get the moer-in very quickly and with the world at our finger tips and just one post and photo away, this calls for a disaster in the making!!


This is perhaps the single biggest challenge we will ever face, as “thinking” isn’t very high on our daily agenda’s as we condition and teach our children to get off their butts and do things instead of thinking things through before we do.

If we don’t call STOP as an industry and think this through thoroughly, I am sorry to say this, but our beloved industry may just as well have seen the last light of day.

We need to act fast and stop this rampage against us and the FIRST WAY of doing this, is to stop ourselves from killing and self destructing our own industry.


We need to stop fuelling the fire right now, today – not tomorrow and we need to do this unanimously as one team.

We need to STOP:

• stop posting dead animals online right now even on our websites
• stop getting into online fights or loosing our tempers
• stop boasting or bragging about todays kills
• stop posting about that wonderful shot or massive crocodile just killed


If your future is important to you, think this through thoroughly before you react and tell me to go ….


If we stop fuelling this out of control fire right now – today – we can make a MASSIVE difference and even possibly save our industry.

There are no laws against what we have been doing for generations, so we cant force you to stop and support this campaign. We can only appeal to your logic and hopefully you are passionate about our industry and will do anything to help us save it.


If we (and that includes us as Hunting Legends Africa) immediately STOP posting dead animals and You Tube Clips online, we can just maybe, save our very asses.

Remove all the video clips, dead animal photos from every platform we are on and stop the fight right now.

NOW I REALISE YOU MAY THINK AND BELIEVE THAT I HAVE LOST MY MARBLES … and I know you desperately want to tell me to go to hell, however I am begging you to think about what I am telling you today, please!!

We have less than 100 million hunters in the world, HOWEVER there are billions of other people, mostly against hunting and we will never ever convert them or make them feel better about our industry or us.

We can’t win this fight – its impossible!!


And the best way of winning the fight is avoiding it altogether!!

Stop fuelling the world with photos and clips of dead animals and the world will have nothing to react on or to attack?!!

Stop now please!!


No to the contrary!!

This is the start of Our NEW marketing campaigns which will not only save our industry, but also benefit us for generations to come!!!


We have made the worst mistake imaginable by focussing on the steak instead of the sizzle.

We were taught that it is all about the steak (a huge dead trophy animal) instead of being taught that its all about the sizzle (customer satisfaction).

We are not under global attack due to our customer satisfaction, we are under attack because we advertise our steaks (dead animals).


The irony is that this is what’s killing us!!


So lets stop advertising our steaks and start advertising our sizzle (customer satisfaction) instead, but do it now!


• stop advertising and posting dead animals (steaks).
• take it off everywhere (websites, social media everywhere). It wont all disappear overnight and will take a long time to fade away, however stop putting new fuel on the fire and eliminate the past now.
• stop answering people online who fight and swear at us. Ignore them because you can’t beat then.
• stop bragging and boasting about killing animals (the opposition will never ever understand this)


• start posting photos about happy clients sitting around a camp fire
• your nice facilities and helpful staff
• your impeccable equipment and vehicles
• the beautiful scenery of your hunting area
• the amazing people in your local communities
• the relocation of wildlife to your ranch
• the rehabilitation of your ranch and all the amazing wildlife in abundance on your ranch
• the enthusiastic interview with your clients and the memorable experience they have just had with you (no dead animals)
• the jokes around the fire, the fun you had
• photos of you and your clients donating food (meat) to your local village
• the thrilling story of your adventures and stalking through tall grass, without the final shot (sell the sizzle no the steak)
• shot placement on targets (bow and rifle)
• rifle facts and ballistic experience


• don’t sell hunting trips.
• sell adventure tourism and outdoors.
• your clients will respect you for this as they too are under attack and the few that don’t care, don’t actually matter.
• sell yourself, your people, your Country and your happy clients.


Its a very small sacrifice to pay with a potentially huge benefit for your future.

Its just a simple decision and a lot of discipline and we can make a difference and save ourselves.


We are all in the same industry and I am sure we all want to see our industry survive and prosper, yet we seldom get to agree and unite in force for a better future:

• We are by nature suspicious.
• we always look for the so called catch.
• we live on farms and often believe that our world starts and ends at the farm gate.
• we distrust easily and don’t like people telling us what to do.

But if we want to save our industry, we need to do so as a team and make sure our friends, staff and even competitors follow suit.


• This is not the only solution to solve our crisis, but it is the one single biggest threat we need to eliminate immediately.

• Once we start by fixing this online social media threat, we will be taking the wind out of the opposition in leaps and bounds and when that happens their fuel dries up and even our politicians will have no pressure. (Out of sight, out of mind)

• That however doesn’t guarantee we are home free, to the contrary we still need to clean up our act as an industry, however those who don’t care will be the only ones left with dead animals on facebook and their websites and will thus stand out like a sore thumb.


If you care about our industry please help this post go viral and reach everybody in the industry.


Phillip Mostert
Group CEO
Gamevest Group
Hunting Legends Africa


  1. I totally agree with you! Hunting is the most important conservation tool. There is more than enough evidence that, should hunting be banned altogether, most African game species will become extinct. The emphasis should therefore be on sustainable hunting – not killing animals left, right and centre. We have a message to deliver to the world. Let’s all vouch to use social media in our favour to spread the word on how paramount sustainable hunting is to ensure the survival of African wildlife, uplift communities and combat poaching. Let’s all act responsible and professional to ensure that we deliver a message of sustainability and conservation to the world, not one of cruelty and destruction.

    • Botswana has banned trophy hunting, now has the biggest elephant population in Africa. Compare that with Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. If trophy hunting is so good for wildlife why are African lions down from 200,000 in 1960 to 15,000 in 2014.
      What has the captive breeding of lions got to do with sustainable ethical hunting? Infact what has shooting any animal from a bind on bait or at a feeder with a high powered rifle fitted with a suppressor got to do with ethical?

    • You are correct “THE ANSWER IS QUITE SIMPLE – ITS CALLED IGNORANCE AND GREED”. The problem is Canned Lion Hunting and its getting world-wide coverage. It’s not hunting and has nothing to do with conservation.
      It gives the anti-hunting movements all the ammo they need to condemn all hunters and it cannot be justified. If we don’t stop it, it will destroy our hunting and tourism. Every hunter and hunting organisation in the world should be trying to stop it. See link below.

      Due to an overly biased version of information, with phrases in interviews used out of context, the link has been removed.

  2. South Africans, and a lot of other people in countries where hunting is still prominent, are desensitized to the sight of dead animals and do not freak out whenever they see them.
    We are therefore much more tolerant of hunting, even those who’ve never hunted before.
    When we remove this media, we reverse this desensitization and allow the anti-hunter to gain momentum.
    If you read the research done on the public’s opinion to hunting, you’ll see exactly this – people are more tolerant of something with which they’ve grown up with, even if not necessarily having participated themselves.
    Do not overreact and remove or hide all your media, but instead consider your post and its effects thoughtfully before posting. Make use of opportunities to educate people instead of telling them to f-off. When people hear the same message over and over, they will eventually start believing it. Coincidentally this is also how propaganda works. The difference here is we can substantiate our claims with facts and statistics.
    Hearing stories about hunting and eating the nice droewors alone will not grow this industry. It needs to be accessible to all and it needs exposure (appropriate, tastefull exposure) to survive, to grow and to flourish.

  3. Removing the steak and leaving the sizzle is going to do nothing to help you. What you fail to understand is that social media is not the issue here. The court of public opinion is overwhelmingly against trophy hunting not because of a post of Facebook or a Tweet but because the majority of people just don’t agree with the idea of a living creature being killed purely for sport. What social media has done is enable these people to link with one another and present a massive, united front of outrage against the very idea of sport hunting, and determined to take a stand against it. Whilst the advent of social media has done your industry no favours, the writing has been on the wall for trophy hunting for some time now. Why? Because it is a “sport” mired in entitlement and privilege on this continent, it is the last outpost of colonialism where rich white folk get to come and shoot something for the hell of it while being waited on, hand and foot, by poor black folk. The average South African “boer” will disagree, but look at your clientele, people, and they will tell the story of your industry… Predominantly right-wing (for this read Republican) Americans, (i.e.: those who are supporting Donald Trump in his attempt to gain a presidential nomination), Asians from countries where respect for human rights has not even featured, let alone ethical treatment of animals, and post Cold-War Europeans whose feet are still entrenched in pre Cold-War political doctrine (largely right-wing, verging on facism). What you are selling is smoke and mirrors. It’s a big, fat lie. For every job you create, mainstream tourism creates 10. For every tourism rand you attract, mainstream tourism attracts R1000. You are an exceptionally small cog in a very large and well-oiled machine, a machine which churns out positive experiences based on actual sustainable business models where communities really are uplifted and empowered, where the benefits of tourism are spread widely, not just to a privileged few. Less than 0,5% of revenue (for which read profit) from sport/trophy hunting trickles down to those who actually deserve to benefit from it (communities on the fringes of game farms, for example). As an industry you think you treat your “darkies” well, but how many of you pay minimum wage? How many of you permanently employ people as opposed to using them as casuals? Of the people you employ, how many undergo formal training or skills development? How many are made aware of their rights under the existing labour legislation? How is your industry transforming itself? How many black or previously disadvantaged PHs are there? How may black or previously disadvantaged outfitters are there? When it comes to sustainability of your industry, what benchmarks have been put in place to ensure that farms operate to predetermined standards? Who polices your industry? Who ensures that standards are being met and maintained? Who checks that your animals are being ethically treated? Who ensures your animals are not being “canned”, who checks your procurement chains, looks at your environmental management plan, makes sure the animals on your farms are actually wild and not habituated? Who oversees and determines which animals are going to be hunted? What are their qualifications? Can you assure everyone involved in your operation, from employee to guest, that every aspect of your business is built on the pillars required for a truly sustainable, ethical and responsible operation (respect for animals and the environment, respect for culture, fair wages, fair labour policies, fair procurement, equitable distribution of benefits… etc etc etc)
    And even if you can prove that you all do all of the above, you still have that major stumbling block to overcome… The fact that in order for you to be in business something has to die. The fact that your industry uses the well loved chestnut that you are contributing to conservation is a moot point here, because as most of you (at least those who have the ability to be honest to themselves) are aware, this is simply not true in all but a small percentage of instances. What conservation programmes are you, as a business, committed to? Explain them in detail, if you can. Are they programmes being carried out by recognised organisations or authorities? Are they being managed by recognised experts in their field? What percentage of your profits is being put into these programmes? What is the goal of these programmes? How long have you been involved with them? What scientific surveys and studies are being contributed to in this process? How is the conservation programme you are involved with furthering the understanding and knowledge of its particular field of focus?
    As an industry you have not just been pulling the wool over your client’s eyes and trying to obsfucate the vision of those you regard as “greenies” or activists, you have been blinding yourselves with your own BS. This has helped to make trophy hunting as one of the most reviled pursuits in the world, and yes, your industry will fail as a result.
    In summary, nothing you do on social media is going to stop this. Trophy hunting is simply not socially acceptable any more. Those who indulge in it will be reviled and those who make money from it will, eventually, go out of business. Not because the internet did them in, but because there is no way to sustain something which such a large percentage of the population is against.
    As you so rightly say, nothing can change their minds. They don’t need lectures, or experts telling them that hunting is good, because they know, intrinsically, that it isn’t. They don’t need spokespeople moaning at them that they misunderstand… What’s to understand in killing for sport and profit? The fundamental reason your industry will die is because it has outgrown its relevance. In a world which is becoming more awake to the horrors our human species is inflicting on one another and this planet each and every day, the killing of sentient beings (animals) to fulfil some distorted sense of bloodlust and supremacy is never going to be popular, even less when someone is making mountains of money out of it.
    But just as nothing can change the minds of those who are against trophy hunting, nothing can change the minds of your industry which is determined to prove everyone wrong and persist in spite of the overwhelming tide of opinion swelling against you. So yes, you are your own worst enemies. Perhaps there are some of you who may actually start considering the ethics of what you do rather than your legal right to do it. And perhaps some of you may throw in the towel for purely economic reasons. Whatever the case, your industry is doomed. It has to die. It may not be next year, or the next, but it surely will die. Only you as an industry can choose whether your death is going to be dignified or, like that of so many of the animals you dispatch, messy.

    • No wonder these common folk hunting lot don’t understand when you use such eloquent words. You write well and with passion, but your attacks are very general and to a large extent off-target. Unfortunately this comment is full of prejudice and bereft of fact.

      Not that you’d care, but a study was done in SA on the public’s perception on hunting. The majority of the people interviewed were either apathetic or in favour of hunting, whilst only 20% of the sample were against hunting.

      You say “But just as nothing can change the minds of those who are against trophy hunting, nothing can change the minds of your industry which is determined to prove everyone wrong and persist in spite of the overwhelming tide of opinion swelling against you. So yes, you are your own worst enemies”.

      I say “But just as nothing can change the minds of those who are against trophy hunting (true – don’t spoil a good argument with facts!), little will change the minds of our industry who do not care about your emotions and irrationality, despite the occasional stink of an self-righteous anti-hunter keyboard warrior’s online attack (before buying their free-range eggs and jackal-friendly lamb chops, lol). So no, we are not our own worst enemies and frankly neither are you. We really don’t care what you think or say, although do find your arguments amusing”.

      Pity we all can’t be politically correct grey, liberal, vegan, free of sin democrats like yourself…
      …Oh well, Go Trump!

  4. Do you think we are stupid and only look at pictures? We can actually read as well. You have only one thing correct in your whole article and that is: the hunting industry is folding. Don’t blame social media. Don’t blame the photo’s. BLAME YOUR BLOODTHIRSTY KILLINGS! Pretty pictures showing happy clients sitting around a campfire won’t change our view of the hunting industry. I am a proud South African. You are killing my heritage and my pride. The legacy that I want to leave to my children and their children. Also as a South African I have heard every hunting story…. if you hear a gurgling sound, don’t waste another bullet. Bullets are expensive after all. The gurgling means a lung shot, the animal will die in any case within 30 minutes. WOW… how humane you are! You are killing the photo tourism industry by killing all the best animals for your dining room wall…. how selfish! You are weakening the gene pool by shooting the best, usually the alpha animals, because you want the best trophy your money can buy. Those animals’ strong genes are now lost leaving the species weaker, less chance of survival. Also less attractive to photo tourists. Again: how selfish. YOU MADE ONE BIG MISTAKE THINKING WE ONLY LOOK AT PICTURES. Lol.

  5. Sorry Phillip Mostert, but all I see here is a call to your hunting brothers to take their dreadful deeds UNDERGROUND. You can hide the fire, but you’ll never hide the smoke.

    Also, I don’t think you even really understand what it ACTUALLY is that people have against killing purely for FUN. I have a Facebook site called The Trophy Room, and perhaps my MISSION STATEMENT from that site will clarify what I am saying here.

    Right at the outset let me say that the purpose of this site is not to OFFEND, but DEFEND. If anything which is posted or said here can save the life of even ONE animal, my work is done.
    But in order to clarify SPECIFICALLY what I am fighting against, I need to offer some definitions.
    The term HUNTING is far too vague, because every day millions of animals hunt to survive, as do humans, although in a very different way. So the act of hunting is not in itself a terrible thing.
    But hunting ONLY for pleasure is.
    My definition of abnormal hunting is as follows…..
    TROPHY HUNTING or SPORTS HUNTING: The act of tracking and stalking animals in order to kill them with rifles or bows SOLELY for PLEASURE; with no intention of using the meat and skin for survival.
    So what is my argument?
    My argument against TROPHY HUNTING is not whether or not it benefits the environment and brings in funds for conservation. Because quite frankly, if animals need to be conserved, and the environment protected, it is only because the HUMAN animal has so badly compartmentalised and managed the Earth in the first place.
    No, my argument is far more fundamental and personal than that. I just simply CANNOT UNDERSTAND or ACCEPT that I belong to a species that willingly, nay happily, slays innocent, beautiful, defenceless creatures ONLY to brag about it! Even if we examine the “skill” which may be required to stalk and slaughter an animal from a distance with a high-powered rifle, it can in no way compare to the skill required to play a musical instrument, paint a picture, score a try in Rugby, or excel in any other sport. So where do the BRAGGING RIGHTS actually come from?!
    No…I believe that the need to stalk and kill innocent animals has a far deeper and more sinister psychological motive. In fact, just as some children suffer from what is called ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, which is a form of retardation, I believe that trophy hunters suffer from what I can only term ARRESTED EVOVLEMENT. In other words, possibly as the result of some errant gene, they have never fully evolved beyond the stage when men DID actively hunt wild animals to survive and feed their families. In other words, modern day trophy hunters are beset by a primeval instinct which is STILL driving them to commit these primitive and barbaric acts.
    On the other hand, trophy hunters may well be just suffering from a range of more currently recognised psychological disorders. Things like LOW SELF ESTEEM, MASCULINE INSECURITY and a general lack of SOCIAL SKILLS. In fact, I believe that many trophy hunters may well just be BULLIES…with one significant difference…they are too cowardly to bully their own species, so they take it out on voiceless, defenceless animals.
    So you see, my argument goes more into the psychological MOTIVES behind trophy hunting rather than into the merits (or not) of this unintelligent “sport”. I have had trophy hunters tell me many times that “it’s not the KILL, but the HUNT that counts.” Well if that’s the case, why don’t they get to the point where they have the animal in their sights and then spare it?! Would these people have me believe that they would be prepared to have sex without the orgasm! And is it not possible to create a hunting rifle which takes a high-resolution photograph instead of firing a bullet, and then, via an App, instantly send this picture around the world to prove to, whoever, that the hunter would have made the kill?
    I can answer this myself. Yes, it is possible to make such a rifle, but it wouldn’t work for trophy hunters because of their inherent sickness. They WANT to see blood, and they NEED to dominate other creatures by killing them stone dead and hanging their heads on their walls. They MUST feel superior to other living things by destroying them because they so lack imagination, talent and intellect that nothing else will make them feel SPECIAL.
    But whatever the real reasons are behind the heartless activity of sports hunting, I am convinced, and consoled, by one thing. As the world grows more civilised, and social media more capable of mass exposure, huge numbers of the world’s population are turning against the psychotic and inhuman act of trophy hunting. And even if the argument that trophy hunting brings in “useful” funds proves true, people will continue to despise it simply because BASIC MORALITY will NEVER be negated by financial return. There is not enough money in the world to mop up the blood of beautiful creatures which are murdered ONLY to satisfy the pathological, primitive, primeval lust that exists in the hearts of some men and women. Just as we look back on the past annihilation of native tribes by colonialists and realise that what was once considered acceptable certainly isn’t, one day we will look back on this time of animal slaughter for sport and realise how diabolical it is.
    Even now, like a mighty tsunami, public opinion is rising up to sweep away this abhorrent activity forever.
    And by God’s grace, the sooner the better.
    Don Clarke – July 2015.

  6. Thrill kill
    “The primary motive of a thrill killer is to induce pain or create terror in their victims, which provided stimulation and excitement for the killers. They seek the adrenaline rush provided by hunting and killing victims. ” He covers “the essence of torture,” “the anger-retaliation signature,” “the picquerism signature,” “the psychological imprint of a sadist,”However, some research indicates that components of neural circuits involved in empathy may also be dysfunctional in psychopathy
    sadism (being sexually gratified through the infliction of pain or humiliation on another person and animals.”Based on studies, serial killers usually choose victims that they can easily overpower, such as a person having short height and low weight. (defenseless animals)Notice how they love to take photographs of their murdered victims (deer,bear , elks etc) with their weapons thrown on top of their lifeless body or video tape their “conquest” of shooting deer and other wildlife so they can upload and “show off” to others .Trophy hunting animals for “sport,” including, and perhaps especially those who can’t escape from the game farms to which they’ve been brought solely so they can be killed, is a thoroughly selfish and perverse act that should be banned immediately. How much fun it must be to pay a lot of money to kill animals in these staged encounters.Trophy hunting animals for “sport,” including, and perhaps especially those who can’t escape from the game farms to which they’ve been brought solely so they can be killed, is a thoroughly selfish and perverse act that should be banned immediately.

    Facebook or other internet sites, please do not report to site managers as they will not usually take any action to stop the abuse…

  7. People like you guys above and eventually below my comment sbould realise that when you do what you do people will hate…but what you do is a very hatefull act and should only be done when needed as in for food not sport. If i had to come to your house and offer you R500 000 to shoot your wife, daughter or son would you agree to it?

    Hereby i ask you to embrace the meaning of life which is to be and to let be. We are not “human” beings but as all nature we are only “beings” and what counts for one should count for the other which translates to: if you kill an animal then i can kill you!!!!
    “Within Everyone Is Real Determination”-André Roux

  8. The “industry” of killing “wild” animals in finite territories is barbaric, and even though many of you have grown up hunting you must realize that it is the end of that era. You cannot have “canned hunts” with fat-ass dentists from Nebraska shooting rhinos and leaving their babies crying, or killing lions specially bred to be killed by a now-and-then would-be hunter, and so forth. Back when there was more jungle/forest or whatever and there were only a few hunters the sport was perhaps reasonable, but those ays are forever gone, and you have to trade in your rifles for cameras. It’s the only way to keep a foot in the wild. Nothing else is morally correct or sustainable. There are certain “hunting” ranches in America where they raise birds to be shot, bring the hunters, put the birds out in the woods and then open their cages. The birds fly up, the hunters shoot them, get their pictures taken, and it’s a terrible thing to do. Please stop having a “hunting” business. I know it’s not easy when something you love is leaving you, but if you think of the real meaning of life and share life with these wild animals instead of snuffing it, you will indeed be a true human being. Thank you for reading.

  9. Excellent post Michael Gilbert, but it’s not what they want to hear. They want to be able to kill for “fun” and money and that’s that. People are not buying the BS any more though, especially as the wildlife is dwindling so fast and they are taking out the best “specimens” so that the stock will get weaker anyway ! For example, when they kill a territorial male lion it’s not just him that they kill, it’s the cubs and any lioness that tries to defend them from another male taking over ! The only people that benefit from trophy hunting are the outfitters, the guides and the government for the licences. These people are outdated, unethical, have no empathy or consciences, and think they are entitled to take lives for THEIR “entertainment”. There’s NO heroism about killing an animal with a weapon, it’s pure cowardice, and that’s well understood by most !

  10. Well, i quote Michael Gilbert. I don’t think that hunting is a sustainable business for humankind. Killing can’t be a business. Life has its intrinsic value. If you like competition against targets play some FPS video game. If you want to make business out of wildlife in (say) Africa, just explain to people the most bizarre vegetable species, let them cuddle with the buffalo safely, stay near an elephant safely and so on, THAT would be a sustainable business. Help local communities, spread life respecting culture. We need to recreate the bond between animals and humans. A bond in which each other is respected and can live. And meat or animal products are not necessary to live.

  11. I’m a hunter and a retired PH and outfitter. May be old age but:
    1) I think you are being too hard on the industry. South Africa has the most successful wildlife conservation over the past few decades in the world – which has been funded by sport hunters. We need to be more sensitive – keep blood out of photos – and use the term “hunted” and not “killed”.
    2) We have proven worldwide how hunting and hunters contribute to conservation.
    3) You are correct “THE ANSWER IS QUITE SIMPLE – ITS CALLED IGNORANCE AND GREED”. Here is the problem and it’s getting world-wide coverage. It’s not hunting and has nothing to do with conservation.
    It gives the anti-hunting movements all the ammo they need to condemn all hunters and it cannot be justified. If we don’t stop it, it will destroy our hunting and tourism. Every hunter and hunting organisation in the world should be trying to stop it.
    See links below.

    ***Due to inappropriate swearing within the comment sections of these links on Facebook, the links have been removed from the comment on this post.***

    Al Spaeth


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