When purchasing a game farm – A few tips in general


When buying a game farm, it needs to be kept in consideration that the purchase involves not only real estate, not only a running concern as a business, but also ‘n lifestyle.

Weighing up these various factors against the profitability and leisure of being part of the game industry, can make a big difference with an initial purchase.


Real estate

Property has always been and remains to be a solid investment, in any circles. As with residential and commercial property, location is a big determining factor, especially since wildlife policies and regulations vary from province to province in South Africa. Rain fall, topography, distance from the nearest town or city and the quality of water, grass and soil all plays a part in choosing the right location, for your game breeding plan.


The existing business

Having an inventory for what exactly it is that is included in the purchase, goes without saying. But it goes deeper than that. If the animals on the farm are plains game then estimates should be in order, but when rare game species within a camp system raises the price with millions, then a certain amount of scrutiny is needed, concerning the animals in question. Many game farmers today have bought their animals at fairly reasonable prices, and has adjusted the value of their animals based on the latest record prices on game auctions. Inflating the value of a certain bull or package, does not necessarily mean that you will be able to sell that specific animal for the said price. The exit plan for the breeder selling the farm, was to sell his animals at the highest price possible, which in this case you, the buyer is. Your exit strategy needs to be place as well, before including any rare species into your account. Within the business, one needs to make sure that all legal issues with permits, and with the workers are sorted as well, as such matter can get pretty tiresome if not dealt with as an urgent matter. Should the purchase of the game farm be your first one, then it would be wise to take a friend with who already farms with game, to have his input when visiting the property.



Family is and will always be very important and a crucial determining factor when moving to a game farm for the purpose of wildlife ranching. It is by far one of the healthiest ways for children to be brought up, as the influence from urban areas can sometimes have a somewhat negative connotation. Other aspects need to be kept in mind like for instance the quality of school for the children, and if available, the organization of home schooling options. Safety in another concern, as one would do everything to keep ones family safe, so be prepared to make the necessary adjustments also for that purpose. Speak to other farmers in the area and get a feel for the environment.



Buying a game farm is not the same as walking into a car dealership, buy the vehicle and consider selling it or trading it in after a couple of months. It takes a bit more consideration, but with the right advice from fellow game farmers, good judgement and sound reasoning, it can be one of the most fulfilling investments you will ever make.


  1. I appreciate your tips for buying a farm. It makes sense that the lifestyle on a farm would help my kids grow up healthy and strong. They play too many video games as it is, so I’m thinking of getting a horse farm, or something like that.


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